SSCS's new Gravity Anchors launched

eabed Scour Control Systems Ltd and SSCS Lifting have created the SSCS Gravity Anchors based on over 30 years of industry experience for subsea anchor requirements and lifting capabilities.

The Gravity Anchors are manufactured from high strength webbing tubes cut to length and filled with suitable aggregate to ensure the required weight is achieved at the right density, and allowing flexibility so the anchor tubes follow the contours of the seabed or riverbed to prevent any voids along the perimeter.

The Gravity Anchors have been proven in the field to resist current speeds in excess of 7knots (3.6m/s) whilst attached to SSCS Frond Mats for scour prevention. They have also been used to successfully anchor cables, tyre mattresses and cable crossings onto sea and river beds.

Webbing grab handles are stitched onto the tubes to provide suitable points for lifting of the tubes and for attaching the tubes to the object in question; a minimum of 2ton webbing is used, and they can be placed to suit the requirement on hand.

- Strong – min. 2ton webbing is used on all of our Gravity Anchors

- Non-degradable in the marine environment

- Flexible

- Size and weight designed to suit any application

- Easy to install in situ

- Orange for high visibility subsea

- Low cost

- Field proven

- Stock of 2.5m (l) @ 125kg

For more information on the SSCS Gravity Anchors, or our Scour Protection & Rectification and Lifting & Testing services, please contact our sales team.

See some photos here