SSCS Wins Award for for Great Business Idea 2014

Adam Tucker (Sales Manager) and Brian Smith (MD) attended the 2014 Spirit of Enterprise Awards Night at Great Yarmouth Town Hall where we received the award for Great Business Idea 2014 for our Weighted Frond Mat system.

The SSCS Weighted Frond Mats remove to remove the necessity of diver intervention during installation of the Frond Mat, which is a key area for reducing related costs in the UK/EU markets particularly in regards to Offshore Wind Farms.

The result is a permanent, environmentally friendly and low cost solution to scour, which requires zero maintenance thereby eliminating any ongoing remedial costs to the initial installed cost.

The Weighted Frond Mat only requires a lightweight deployment arrangement (approx. 1ton lifting capacity) and minimal deck space (approx. 30m²) for installation, drastically reducing the vessel size required when compared to alternative methods.

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