Scour prevention and Rectification

Design & Manufacture

SSCS Designs and Manufactures its Frond Scour Control Systems for all types of Subsea and Underwater Installations.

The SSCS Frond Systems are used globally for applications including Offshore Wind turbine foundations, cables and other structures; subsea pipelines, platform legs and umbillicals for the offshore Oil & Gas sector; Inshore Civil sector requirements; Environmental projects; and for the protection of Archaeological sites.

The SSCS Frond Mats are made in-house and can be manufactured to any shape and size and to suit various deployment methods, including removing the need for diver or ROV intervention during installation.

SSCS is able to provide advice and solutions designed for specific projects related to existing and planned installations, and use of our 'self-maintaining' Frond Mats eliminates the requirements for ongoing maintenance programmes and procedures.

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Supply, Hire, Testing & Inspection Services

SSCS Lifting Inspects, Tests and Certifies Lifting Equipment as well as Manufacturing, Servicing, and Supplying all types of Lifting Equipment.

Our Clients enjoy the benefits that Quality Products coupled with a First Class Service at competitive prices can bring.

As full members of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) we work to the LEEA Procedures and to BS EN ISO 9001 (assessed by LRQA).

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